Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Survey results are now available

Over 500 people completed the online survey - which means that we can have a lot of confidence in the results. The main points of interest are:
  • 95% of respondents were "somewhat" or "very" concerned about Internet safety
  • 80% of centres had an Internet safety policy but...
  • one third of those centres "sometimes" or "never" enforced it
  • 40% of centres provided some form of Internet safety training but...
  • this was "informal" in 80% of those centres.
The main areas of concern among respondents were:
  • downloading inappropriate material
  • accessing inappropriate material
  • making inappropriate friendships.
I was very pleased that over 90% of respondents were interested in a qualification in this area - and most respondents wanted it at SCQF level 4 for lower school (S1-S3) pupils.

The proposed qualification will be revised to reflect these findings. A draft version of the unit specification will be available later this week.

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