Monday, June 05, 2006

Final version of unit specification

Thanks to everyone who responded to my invitation to comment on the draft unit spec.

I've now made some changes to the unit and I think that it's much improved. Here is the final version. Note that it is not yet numbered and still has the "draft" watermark. You can locate the changes by comparing this version to the previous version.

I'll now arrange for the unit to be published and added to SQA's list of qualifications. It will be available to (all) centres from August. But I'll be looking for centres to pilot the "e-only" approach to the unit shortly.


Ewan McIntosh said...

Hi Bobby,
I am worried, along with some other murmurs elsewhere on the web, that this is missing the mark quite a bit. It seems to be a very retrospective document in terms of what technology our kids are using and how they are accessing it. I've posted a blog post with more detail:

Bobby said...

Thanks for the feedback Ewan. Your blog post made interesting reading. It's a pity that these comments weren't available when the draft version was posted for comment.

The unit has had a lot of scrutiny - by (among others) the Steering Group (which includes educationalists and industrialists) and teachers and lecturers. The recent survey (which was completed by over 500 people) broadly confirmed the contents of the unit.

The assessments were developed by five experienced practitioners - which is more than the number of people in most examining teams responsible for Advanced Highers! I think that you'll be pleased with the assessments when you see them (which, incidentally, has a practical components as well as multiple choice questions).

Qualification development is the art of the possible. The unit has been well received by most practitioners. It's far from perfect but I think that it's a reasonable starting point.

It's part of a series of units (which includes social software and blogging) which are unique qualifications (as far as I know) in this area.

Anonymous said...

I can see where Ewan's coming from but the title is 'Internet Safety' and perhaps there is room for Ewan's ideas (in terms of what kids are using) in another unit.
The title 'Internet Safety' is a bit of a turn off. 'Internet Issues' may have been better.