Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Launch event

The formal launch event was held this afternoon at the Teacher Building in Glasgow.

It went well. There was a good turn-out although there were a few empty seats, which was a pity since we had to turn down so many people who wanted to attend.

I commenced proceedings with a presentation [PPT] about the background to the project and the contents of the unit. Then Alan Patterson gave a presentation [PPT] about his experiences during the pilot. This was followed by Billy Graham of Strathclyde Police who expressed strong support for the award. Then Nick Morgan of Learning & Teaching Scotland spoke about Glow [PPT] and expressed his organisation's support for the qualification (it is going to be the first qualification to be offered via Glow). And finally John Thomson spoke [PPT] about his school's experience of delivering the qualification using mobile phones. I'm grateful to all of the speakers.

So, it was a good event but I'm glad to see the qualification formally get off the ground.

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Anonymous said...

I am glad that the event went well. I have read the starting comment regarding empty seats and whilst I understand that this is frustrating it is inevitable. In my case I could not attend on the day due to the adverse weather flooding the car park where I was parked and could not retrieve my car for 2 days. I apologise for the weather.