Friday, January 19, 2007

800 and counting...

There has been a huge response to the survey on e-learning and e-assessment. So far, over 800 teachers and lecturers (and other educationalists) have completed the survey - meaning that SQA can have a lot of confidence in the results.

And the results make interesting reading. The highlights include:
  • 43% have "fast" or "very fast" Internet access
  • 31% are "very positive" about e-learning
  • 36% are "very positive" about online assessment
  • 43% have used a VLE
  • 40% have used online testing
  • 33% have used a blog - but only 10% have contributed to one
  • 22% have used a wiki - but only 7% have contributed to one
  • 75% report that security inhibits their use "somewhat" or "a great deal"
The top five barriers to e-learning are (in order):
  1. time to develop materials
  2. knowledge and skills of teachers/lecturers
  3. lack of training
  4. IT infrastructure
  5. IT support.
It's interesting to see the traditional reasons (lack of hardware and support) slipping down the table.

The survey is still open so the results are not finalised. I'll post a summary of the results later this month but in the meantime please encourage your colleagues to complete the survey.


Anonymous said...

Bobby - any final results yet from this study? Now that the Hoops have completed the double?

Walter P.

Bobby said...

Walter - I am currently writing an internal report on the whole project and once this goes through various internal committees I hope to release the results to the public. Sorry for taking so long. But they make very interesting reading.