Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Project update

There's been a lot happening since my last update.

The pilot has now ended. It commenced in August and finished in December. I'm currently evaluating it right now - mainly through an online survey (which is still open so please complete it).

My next task it to write a report (for internal use) on the whole project - and especially lessons learned and how we can develop similar qualifications in the future.

I've just finished writing a letter to centres, which updates them on developments and provides information on the proposed launch event that will take place between April and June of this year.

I'm also about to arrange the next meeting of the Steering Group which will take place in February.

I'm still in discussions with Strathclyde Police about the possibility of them adopting the qualification for all of their cadets - and although nothing has been finalised, the signs are very positive.

Finally, don't forget about the EU's Safer Internet Day, which takes place on 6 February.

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